Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taman Seputeh Desa Run – 20 October 2011 (Hill training!)

Distance: 9.76km

Timing: 53:38 for 5:29 min/km pace

I got rained in yesterday evening and missed the adiNation Training Run. Then again, the overnight rain meant this morning’s temps was lower; even the humidity was low. Good! This morning’s menu was 2 laps around Taman Seputeh Desa for Kenny while I tagged on another 1.5-2km by taking the longer route back (through the Hyundai showroom).

Lap 1

We started a brisk pace and I knew at that point that Kenny was racing the hills and recovering on the downhills. I’m so dead.

Lap 2

We covered this at an even “brisk-ier” pace; definitely dead. I was breathing hard on the uphills, ok, harder than usual – not my ideal since I’m supposed to be Buteyko breathing! But chasing Kenny was difficult! Nonetheless to say, he was ahead of me today. So it was a negative split on this lap.

Old Klang Road – Hyundai showroom – Furniture shop

I was in 2 minds on whether to do another lap or head to the furniture shop-Hyundai showroom route to tag on the additional mileage. Since I missed yesterday’s run, thought I should at least cover 10km this morning if I don’t want to end up “killing myself” during this weekend’s LSD. Right, it was on to the latter option – both were equally as tough (read: hilly and upslopes all the way). I actually felt my glutes working more on this portion than the earlier 2 laps! The thing about hills and slopes is that once you’re done, you’ll be rewarded by the downhills – I love these portions because it meant letting go and flying down them especially now that the ankle is almost back to good (aka pain-free).

Back at the gym for a 20 minute cool down on the elliptical and that’s a wrap for Thursday morning.

I’ll be joining Kenny for his 2 big loops LSD on Saturday morning instead of heading-for guaranteed-bonk LSD with Ronnie. Perhaps hook up with Kei Ming or Hooi Siah for a recovery run on Sunday before meeting Michael.

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