Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A smattering of things

Was away from the office yesterday and didn’t have access to the Net to update the blog. It turned out to be a better option since I can pen my thoughts on yesterday’s runs at one go. Yeah, no typo there – runs. Let’s fire away.


Lake Garden Run – 11 October 2011 (morning)

Distance: 10.35km

Timing: 56:20 for 5:29 min/km pace

I bumped into Chin Ann at the Bukit Aman car park and we warmed up with a jog to the lake. He was planning on doing 4 laps while my plan was to run the outer loop around the National Mosque and finish with one lap around the lake. I convinced persuaded made him run at a 6 min/km pace rather than 6:30 or 7 min/km. We took a slightly different route than the one I usually do – we looped into LG via the second guardhouse near the Deer Park. 200 meters into the run, it started raining but we decided to plow on. Chin Ann dropped off about 700 meters into the first lap. We met when I was doing the mini lap. The earlier rain which stopped after 5 minutes made for a very comfortable run. That and the darkness meant the hill climb at Planetarium didn’t seem so daunting.

Lake Garden Run – 11 October 2011 (evening)

Distance: 6.18km

Timing: 37:13 for 6:01 min/km pace

Recovery run cum chit-chat session! I joined KK, Suresh, Adam and Chin Ann (again!) for a slow recovery run since traffic was horrendous at 6:30 p.m. Naturally, Boss was on his own. Lai and I started at about the same time but since I was WALKING and my walking speed is like double or triple his running pace (actually make that, my own pace), naturally he ran ahead.

I jumped in midst of the gang’s planned 5 laps – I warmed up with a 700 meter walk and from that point onwards, it was all chit-chat. Good stuff. This was one of my more enjoyable run since there was no time pressure (Boss – please take note!!!), cool weather and most importantly, in the company of likeminded buddies.

Wednesday’s Workout

It was back to working-till-fatigue Deign sets this morning.

4 Supersets of:

a) LF lat pulldown

b) LF low row

c) DB bendover back row

d) LF cable back row with short iron bar

e) LF cable reverse pull-up

f) The “dreaded” free standing pull-ups

Single sets of:

g) Skull crusher / French press with wriggle iron bar

Supersets of:

h) LF cable tricep pressdown with rope

i) Abs crunches

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