Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Kenny and I gave this morning’s planned run amiss: him due to lack of zzz on account of a frozen or painful shoulder and me due to the soreness from the weekend’s heavy load. So instead of pounding Lake Gardens, I spent the time cross training (and rolling my eyes!) on the elliptical at a moderate pace. I should have a week till Michael and I meet again – plenty of time to recuperate. Guess this is the unplanned cut back week, which is a good thing since we’ve been building up for a couple of weeks now. How about your cut back week? When do you schedule this into your program? Or is it unplanned? What or how do you normally spend this week (or days)?

Tomorrow’s plans? Still up in the air but a mid week break or any kind of break is good! It'll be a stay-cation for most of us since it's mid week. Looking forward to my tea meet up which may or may not involve {lots of} macaroons.

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