Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Headwinds! What Gives?!

Seputeh - Desa Waterpark Run – 4 October 2011

Distance: 10.18km

Timing: 56:32 for 5:33 min/km pace

Painful. Still. Le sigh. It’s frustrating to say the least – 2 weeks out and it’s still painful to the touch. I just want this nightmare to end.

First half

This morning would have been perfect for a nice easy recovery run after KOTR if not for having the constant dull pain on the ankle. We decided to do the “flattish” route since I’ve trouble descending downhills (which used to be my favourite!). At the turnaround at Desa Waterpark, Kenny asked how the ankle was keeping up and I said something along these lines: “I hope I can make it back”. Hey, I was serious…while it wasn’t back breaking painful as it was at YRPR or the previous week, it was not a walk in the park either.

Second half

I didn’t know which is the lesser evil: (a) the painful ankle or (b) headwinds along Old Klang Road. My heart lifted a tad as we turned into Old Klang Road (notwithstanding the potential headwind coming ahead) because I knew we had about 2+ km to go. This was probably the first time in the many runs we had.


Got it done – signed, sealed and delivered. Kenny and I had a chat while cooling down and he told me that instead of Lumut, he’ll be based in Solaris. Yay! I won’t lose my training buddy. Now if only we can get the ankle up to speed.

Post run

• Operation RICE-ing like mad, Part 3 in progress.

• Air drying the KSO in the office; unfortunately the AC “died” yesterday, so there’s some “smell” around my area. LOL!

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