Monday, October 3, 2011

First Day of Q4 Year 2011

Can you guys believe it?! We’re actually in our last quarter of the year; time seemed to have flew by me this year. Even the past weekend. Definitely had fun. And time definitely flies when you’re having fun! A sorta recap of the weekend:


• Tested out the ankle/foot with a short run; right, it’s still off the mark and got me worried about the following day’s KOTR. Thereafter, it was a continuous prayer for divine intervention.

• Woke up in sweats during my afternoon nap and later in the middle of the night. It was seriously not looking good for the KOTR. It’ll be a touch-and-go on the race.

• Went for a mid morning vinyasa yoga class at Richard’s; we had a sub as Richard is away. Boy, it was tough, sorta. Especially if you haven’t been practicing as diligently (or going for class for that matter).

• 20-min of h*** in the evening during my appointment with Mr Soon.


• The sweats mid sleep had me worried about the race even up to the point of parking the car at Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel. Maybe I should list the things-that-went-so-wrong:

o Wonky ankle

o Wonky ankle being kicked by some half-ass jerk BEFORE the start of the race

o Sweats during the previous day’s nap and in the night

o Runny nose

o Slight temp on Saturday

• All in, I actually managed to run and FINISH the race! Thank goodness! PTL!

• Result? Surprised myself too – 50.19 minutes and 5th place. Woohoo!

• Fantabulous refueling session at Shook! later that night and it might just have included this:

These were our main courses

Michael is continuing with our Deign (spell correct?) workouts this week. Chest day to start the week:

4 Supersets of:

a) Smith machine 10 degree incline chest press

b) DB bench chest press

c) DB incline chest press

d) DB chest fly

e) DB pull-over

f) Dips

Single sets of:

g) BB bicep curl

h) Precor Abcrunch

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