Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seputeh Run – 27 September 2011

Distance: 7.93km

Timing: 48:40 for 6:08 min/km pace

This was a test run for my less-than-stellar ankle and it failed the test. Miserably. Pain was my company this morning, apart from Kenny of course. Such a new fellow – giving up his training pace to run at tortoise speed with me and not forgetting the prayers at the end. PTL.

Lap 1

It was painful from the first step and we took it cautiously; the downhills which are usually my favourite turned out to be my biggest enemy this morning.

Lap 2

I was able to increase the pace in this lap and surprisingly, it was less painful running at a faster pace. For some odd reason (which I found out later was due to a tight quad), Kenny drop off after the turnaround.

It was perfect running temps this morning after the overnight rain and I would have enjoyed the run if not for the wonky ankle. Can I request for healing prayers from everyone?

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