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Adidas King Of The Road 2011 – Jakarta edition

Date: 25 September 2011

Venue: Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia

Distance: 10km (Garmin: 9.68km)

Timing: 52:12 (Gun); 52:01 (Chip); 51:59 (Garmin)

Pace: 5:22 min/km (Garmin)

Result: 7th (Women’s Open) (all results) (WO here)

This felt more like a neighbourhood run rather than running event that we’re all too familiar with in Malaysia and Singapore. Don’t get me wrong, I do like neighbourhood runs – the cosy, kin-like feeling. I got into Jakarta on Friday afternoon; BTW, KLM flights are el-cheapo. I paid something like RM350/360 for return on a full service airline. Opps, out of topic! Well since we're OTT, here are my meals on board!

My ankle was still iffy from YRPR 2011 and I thought of downgrading to 5km when I picked up the bib on Friday evening. In the end, I threw caution to the wind and decided to run it as a slower-than-training-pace and if necessary, walk the course or perhaps a run-walk combo or whatever.

The route was an out-and-back and run through Ancol. It was probably the flattest course in any of my runs; similar to SW and HTN’s Ampang route; definitely PR material.


The ankle was not letting up even during my warm up if you can call walking up and down the field a warm up. Surprisingly, I was able to pass the middle of the pack (I started on dead last or close to that). The first 3km was heading away from Pantai Carnaval and we had one side of the road closed for us.


We ran towards the fringes of Ancol, parallel to the main road before turning into a park. There was another event here and it was a nice distraction…for both parties I think. We also went thru a parking lot (the open space type) here. This stretch was also the busiest and most dangerous since we were running next to traffic (no road closures; only manned intersections).


From the park, we headed towards Mercure (stayed here) and Pantai Carnaval. This was also the stretch which the out-and-back were run on opposite sides of the road and I spotted a lady heading back; apart from this, most of the out-and-back was basically a loop around Ancol. Oh that’s right…there were several unmanned intersections and no route markers and I lost several minutes…twice!


Running on (hard and unresponsive to VFFs) footpaths next to Pantai Carnaval + sharing path with 5km-ers walking 5 abreast + cyclists charging at you = disaster in the making. I felt slow, like really slow.


This was probably the oddest portion of the run for me. Actually only km9 since the last is a loop around the field where the race carnival was. Odd because we ran beneath a building that was under construction – it felt a lot like the tunnel between Kenny’s place and Taman Desa Seputeh. And it was dark and nmuggy.


a) Race bib collection and race event/carnival area was well organized and put up; bib collection took no more than 5 minutes.

b) Very helpful volunteers from the leady who gave us directions to the shuttle bus (Gondola > Pantai Carnaval) to those manning the bib collection, information booth, marshals and the medic team.

c) Plenty of hydration point – spaced out every 1.5km or so. I heard both water and 100Plus were served. These together with bananas were also provided at the finishing point.

d) Great race vest design.

e) Small field made for a nice homely feeling.


a) Route management definitely needs to be better managed from road closures, having sufficient route markers and security personnel who can direct runners to the correct route.

b) The runners’ guidebook had the start at 6:30 am for the 16.8km followed by 15 minute intervals; unfortunately we found out during the bib collection that this was changed to 6 am; imagine those who were picking up their bibs on race day and relied on the downloaded guidebook. In the end, after the hoo haa shuttling runners to the pen and some speech, it started at 6:30 am.

c) No shuttle buses at Gondola at 4:30 am! They were supposed to be running from 4 – 6 am. In the end, we shared a cab to the start point although I heard from other runners that they were able to take the shuttle. It probably started late…like the gun off.

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