Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I’m still alive! In case you’re wondering…sorry, it’s been a mad house in the office since I got in this morning. Some happenings since the last post:


Flying out to Singapore on this

And enjoying these (not all at the same time please! LOL!)

Muffin on board

Snacking on

IKO crackers

Chinese pastry (a.k.a. Wife Biscuit) from Tong Kee

Soy milk with granola


Safra Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2011 (10km)

• Report by the end of the week (fingers (and toes!) crossed!).

• All Women (19th), Malaysians (4th), Women’s Open (16th).

• If I had registered “correctly” i.e. in the aunty category, would have been 4th…and then beating myself for missing out on the prize. As well as complaining till the cows come home.

• Timing: 50:10 (net) and 50:15 (gun).

• Distance per Garmin 9.26km and beating myself over it all Sunday for an average pacing of 5:24 min/km to find out later that Garmin is wonky on slopes and around tall buildings/tunnels. Everyone else seemed to have registered between 10.12-11km (footpods are most accurate).


Back-and-chest session with Michael (if memory didn’t fail me!)

Supersets of:

a) Freemotion cable dual cable back row

b) Freemotion cable dual cable chest press

Supersets of:

c) LF low row

d) Cybex Eagle incline chest press

Supersets of:

e) Technogym cable upper back row with iron bar

f) Freemotion cable chest fly

Supersets of:

g) Dips with legs on fitball

h) DB bend over row

Supersets of:

i) Abs crunches on fitball

j) DB bicep curl


Distance: 2 * 2.8km loop with a detour to Planetarium on the second (Garmin: 10.01km)

Timing: 55:19 for 5:31 min/km pace

It was supposed to be a recovery run this morning. Operative word: recovery. Did I hit the 6 min/km pace? Nope. Did I choose the flattest route possible? Nope. FAIL.

Then again, I’m closer to 6 min/km compared to the last few recovery runs which turned into progressive runs instead. Runners’ World article says: 70% of runs should be EASY and especially so for 1-2 days after a race.

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