Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Despite the 3-day break and the possibility of stretching it into a 9-day break, everyone in the team (minus one) is back in the office although there were only a handful in the other teams. What gives?!

2. Got stood up for dinner last night; so the planned Japanese cold udon/soba which I’ve been dreaming about turned into this instead.

3. Managed 4 rounds of Buteyko this morning and felt so alive after that – didn’t think I had enough zzz since I had trouble dozing off last night. Yeah, surprise surprise because I’m usually knocked out in 5-10 once I hit the pillows.

4. Still sore from the 3-day training but it’s manageable and should go away by this evening (fingers and toes crossed). I’m still 3Rs (rest, re-fuel, re-hydrate) today and will continue till tomorrow.

5. Question of the Day: How the h*** do you do overhead shoulder presses, lateral raises and frontal raises while balancing/kneeling on the fitball?! Hmmphhh obviously I was unsuccessful.

Supersets of these balancing on the air pillows:

a) DB clean-and-jerk

b) DB overhead shoulder press

c) DB squats

d) Lunges

Supersets of these balancing/kneeling on the d*** fitball:

e) DB lateral raises

f) DB frontal raises

Supersets of these with legs on the TRX:

g) Push-ups

h) Atomic

i) Side crunches atomic

j) Plank

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