Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Half the workday gone…looking forward to the weekend. It’s been a tough week in the office and can only get worse until the deal is completed. And that’s not going to happen until end-September at the earliest.

2. Hoping to purge the closet sometime tomorrow morning (if I don’t get distracted) but definitely before next weekend – loads of giveaways ranging from run tees, vests and work clothes. I’ve way too many of the former which I don’t wear and a lot of the latter which doesn’t fit me (they’re too big for me! Blaming it on the Buteyko) and I need a wardrobe change. I feel so ancient, dated and stressed from number (1), so a change would be good for the spirits.

3. SW has been in Singapore through to Sunday for training and staying here. Now tell me, how is it that some people have all the luck?! Anyway, leisure time permitting (since shopping takes priority and is probably ahead of training! LOL! Kidding SW!), she’ll try to get some mooncakes and Chinese pastry from Chop Mui Lee Bakery. Kenneth was telling us that this would be the last year since the proprietors are closing up as their younger generation is not keen on the business and they’ve not been able to find any apprentice. Photos stolen from Kenneth.

4. The car will be serviced tomorrow and will hopefully be ready before lunch (being overtly optimistic here). Fingers crossed for my weekend road trip. Yes, I’m in the country this weekend. Hey, one out of 4 isn’t too bad, right?

5. Functional Friday or maybe I should rephrase it to Core Friday instead because that was probably the only muscle that got worked on (at least it felt that way to me).

Supersets of:

a) Combo of deadlift, fore arm and overhead shoulder press with medicine ball

b) Combo of DB walking lunges and single arm overhead shoulder press with a lateral raise midway

c) DB chest fly balanced on fitball

Supersets of:

d) DB bicep curl and frontal raises kneeling/balanced on fitball

e) Kettlebell bend over back row with single leg on fit ball

f) Variations of planks on Bosu

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