Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lake Gardens Run – 29 September 2011

Distance: 4 laps + 1km from Bukit Aman (Garmin: 10.14km)

Timing: 55:54 for 5:30 min/km pace

Kenny dropped me a message last night about hurting his foot during a futsal game and hence couldn’t make it for our run this morning. This run or any run this morning was iffy for me since my [busted] ankle was tight and painful (during stair descents) when I woke up. The plan was to take one lap at a time and max out at 2; I couldn’t imagine completing 3 without hobbling or having to call emergency services. So the final results and average pace [just look at that pace!] was more-than-a-pleasant surprise. I’m not going to lie, while the foot and pain held up during the run, not so post-run. I was back to some foot dragging and icing now. This nightmare has to stop! Can someone please tell me it will soon?

Lap 1 – Bukit Aman car park and 1 lap around the lake

I started cautiously since the ankle was slightly painful during the warm up. In any event, the goal for this run was just to run, without a care as to timing.

Lap 2

As the ankle was holding up (oddly, it was only a niggle rather than pain), lap 2 it was.

Lap 3

Should I continue or call it a day? Ok, let’s give this a go. Dawn was breaking and it was starting to get bright. Strange how much you notice when you’re not focused on the run or time (in my case!).

Lap 4

Conversations playing on my mind:

Hmm…should I finish off the run from lap 3 back to the car park?

Nah, don’t think so because the road back is curvy and there’s a slight elevation.

Yeah but there’re elevations near the public loos and waterfall if you run around the lake.

Let’s just do the lake.

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