Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Killing (Part II)

Part I here.

No surprise about this morning’s session, both on the intensity and longer period. I probably the rest of the week to get back to walking. LOL!

Single sets of:

a) Technogym leg press (5 sets since the first one was a warm up. That’s not the worst bit…Michael put me on the 180lbs and 200lbs…that’s like 3-4 more plates before hitting the max on the machine! No bueno.)

b) Technogym leg extension (4 sets I think. I lost count since my quads were burning on the first rep!)

Supersets of:

c) DB walking lunges (quads were simmering from the previous workouts and the corridor looked mighty long and far this morning)

d) Hoist seated leg curl

Supersets of:

e) DB seated overhead shoulder press

f) Combo of bicep curl, clean-and-jerk with Aeromat medicine ball

Supersets of:

g) DB lateral raise

h) Technogym cable upright row

Michael’s consolation (he said it, not me!) was a reverse abs crunches; no leg raises since we had thrashed the legs earlier. Yeah, some consolation.

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