Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back-to-Back Runs

Sorry, tied up with work (what else!), so this’ll be a 5-liner post. May update it later today or tomorrow (public holiday here!).

adiNation Training Run – 14 September 2011


a) Boss Ronnie

b) Group Lead Ming

c) KK

d) Lai

Distance: 6 sets of 250-300m (Garmin: 3.11km)

Timing: 18:11 for 5:51 min/km pace including recoveries

Moral of story: never ever do hill repeats on the evening after a leg workout in the morning unless you’re looking to thrash your quads.

Seputeh - Desa Waterpark Run – 15 September 2011

Distance: 10.3km

Timing: 53:50 for 5:14 min/km pace

Recovery run after yesterday’s double with the first 2km dedicated to catching up on news. I kept the pace light and easy and look at the average pace! I’m stoked! This is my easy pace?!

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