Thursday, September 1, 2011

3-day Holiday Recap

It's a 3-day holiday over here and I got lazy with posting - sorry! Yes, even though I had loads of time but (here comes the excuses...) I thought I should pay full attention to the idiot box. Think of shows like NCIS, Law & Order, Hawaii 5-O, Bones, CSI - yeah notice a theme here...but I digress. Here's a quick rundown of my workouts:

Double Hill aka hill training with Aron
Timing: 57:58 minutes
Distance: 10.9km
Pace: 5:20 min/km

I guess the day off running after Sunday's run helped because I felt good throughout the run. This just compounds my theory that my body (or rather legs) cannot run on consecutive days without some deterioration in either speed or form.

Arc Trainer (legs only)
35 min elliptical cross training to cool down

Precor Trainer (legs only)
19 min elliptical cross training to warm up

Legs-and-shoulders weight training with Michael

Supersets of:
a) Technogym leg press (Michael didn't give me a chance! Instead of a gradual increase of weights, he went straight for kill with the second and third sets at 160lbs and 180lbs! Yup, new record here)
b) DB walking lunges

Supersets of:
c) Cybex prone leg curl
d) Technogym leg extension
e) BW sumo squats

Supersets of:
f) DB seated overhead shoulder press
g) Plate weight frontal raise

Supersets of:
h) Technogym cable criss cross shoulder pulldown
i) Abs crunches on fitball...with one leg off the wall!

60 minutes of hatha yoga in the evening with Richard

Timing: 1:43:45
Distance 19.2km (guess I ran the tangents!)
Pace: 5:24 min/km
Moral of the story: never attempt a long run after a heavy weight training session for legs! Oh my quads, hamstrings and glutes were practically screaming at me! Anyway, done and dusted...yeah in record time too. Don't ask how that came about but I can tell you that the return journey was the toughest and longest 9.6km in my life!
Other stuff
I've been enjoying naps every afternoon and waking up to this
Hot chocolate in a air-conditioned room is heavenly.

I've also been enjoying these black sesame pastry from Tong Kee.

Got the laundry done this morning. Can you imagine how much clothes, and just workout clothes (since I've been living them given the weekend and holidays) there are from Saturday to today. Yeah, me neither.

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