Wednesday, September 21, 2011

(Almost Wordless) Wednesday

By the amount I would normally post, title topic would seem appropriate. Wednesday morning’s recap

Supersets of:

a) Cybex plate loaded squat press

b) DB standing overhead shoulder press

Supersets of:

c) Technogym leg extension

d) Nautilus Nitro Plus lateral raise

Supersets of:

e) Nautilus hip abduction and adduction (does this count as separate items?)

f) Cybex rear delt upper row

Supersets of:

g) Technogym cable upright row with iron bar

h) Technogym cable bicep curl with iron bar

i) Cybex Eagle Abdominal

Michael was wrapping me up in cotton as he’s wary of re-injuring the seemed-to-have-healed ankle of mine. Yes, I so wanted to do heavier weights; oh well, he did say we could try it on Friday.

Back to my mundane and incredibly busy big girl job (note the sarcasm). Will try to post more this weekend – I still owe you guys the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2011 recap. Oh btw, chip time was 50:28 minutes and I came in 20th.

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