Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moral of the Story

• Do not ever end up on the podium of the Rat Race! Unless you want to be constantly hounded to participate in the following years and the antecedents of the stress that comes with it. Yeah, got one email yesterday on that – do and be damned, don’t do and be damned situation. Oh I’m sure it’ll be fun, nice and well organized but it’s just not me for it.

• Elliptical are great substitute for running and is currently my BFF (note the sarcasm!). Don’t ask me how I managed to hammer out hours upon hours of it before this. Beats me too.

• You can actually do acrobatics in the shower…with a bandaged foot that’s double bagged in plastic bags to keep it dry.

• Chinese internal medicine prescribes that the more painful and arduous the massaging session gets, the faster you’ll heal. Yeah, I actually pay someone to torture me in the name of “releasing the fluid build-up, reduce swelling, removing Qi blockages and channeling healing Qi through the meridians”.

• Do not expect to be able to post here on your first day back to work after a 4-day break!

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