Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Blues

Do you guys get them? I do. Every friggin Monday that I have to come into the office! Now then…when I am getting my Xmas pressie a.k.a. striking the lottery? LOL!

The weekend was awesome! Sure I had to work on Saturday afternoon but these more than made up for that:

a) Started the weekend with a DH run with Aron. Report here.

b) Got my manicure and pedicure done…after 4 months! Yeah, I’ve been procrastinating for ages and since the little toenail was bothering me, I left it until the very last moment, which of course came last week. A bit of a bad news – Shearley is retiring. Holy crap! Not her as well?! Aunty Mabel says we can still go to her house to get our mani/pedi though. Fingers (and toes!) crossed!

c) Work was all of 30 minutes. Score! I left the office just after 4 pm, plenty of time for some grocery shopping.

d) Short work on the Segambut Welfare Run 2011. I came home in 17:17 minutes…now if only if it was the stated distance (5.5 km), I would have been invited for the Olympic trials! LOL! Race review coming up.

e) Had the most fab dinner at Prego Westin KL with SW and HTN and then it was back home for an early birthday celeb for SW. I got her a Red Velvet from Crowne Plaza KL – yeah, we had to order this one to see what the rage was all about. It was nothing fancy but the cake was good since Crowne Plaza doesn’t compromise on ingredients (Aunty Mabel’s words!). Right, let’s move on to the temptations


SW and HTN both had the Peach Frappe although SW passed hers to HTN towards the end because her brains were freezing!

We nibbled on these while waiting for our dinner (only main course since we were going to have the cakey later). Think the olive oil was the regular? Or maybe I prefer them “doused” with some truffle (yes, we’re that classy). The tomato-based sauce on the side was good.

SW’s spaghetti Bolognese

HTN’s calzone

My fried bee hoon a.k.a. caperllini in aglio olio style – the portion was huge but thankfully HTN was super famished and helped me finish it…in addition to having bites of SW’s pasta.

Here’s the Red Velvet!

Onto mundane stuff, this morning’s workout:

Supersets of:

a) DB bench chest press

b) DB bendover back row

Supersets of:

c) Smith machine incline chest press

d) LF lat pull down

Supersets of:

e) Technogym cable chest fly lying on fitball

f) TRX pull-ups with legs balanced on fitball

Supersets of:

g) BB deadlift

h) Pushups on fitball

We topped those off with some abs crunches on 2 fitballs. Now this required super loads of concentration!

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