Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Seputeh – Desa Waterpark – 2 August 2011

Distance: 10.2km (based on precedent since I was Garmin-less)

Timing: 54:52 for 5:22 min/km pace

The Garmin chose to “die” on this morning despite having 55% juice. Looks like I’ll have to get the 610 during my next trip down south. It’s about 2 years since I started with the 405; not surprised with its recent wonkiness since it’s a single use battery and its life cycle is about 2 years.

Kenny and I decided to take it easier this morning – he calls it “not too fast, not too slow, just right” pace. I definitely have spare in the tank after the run, something I’ve never been able to comfortably master since I tend to speed up at the end. While mornings are cooler and made for a more comfortable run, it was quite humid when I stepped out of the car this morning. This thought came on: it’s muggy! Looks like we’ll be in for a rough ride.

We did the flattish Seputeh-Desa Waterpark route this morning since Kenny was “saving” his feet for a futsal session in the evening. The first half just flew by us – 27+ minutes; the first 2 km was a catch up session since it’s been quite some time since we last saw each other. The back of the out-and-back course was tougher since the headwinds were particularly strong so I was surprised we had a negative split albeit a small one (26 minutes). There was a 5 second blip near the furniture place when 2 dogs (a Labrador and a spaniel/sausage) came charging at me when the house gate opened. I wasn’t scared but I had to stop, stand still and shout “shoo” before the owner came for them. Ah well, I needed some distraction after 10km of hearing foot pounds.

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