Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shape Run 2011

Date: 24 July 2011

Venue: Nicoll Highway, Singapore

Distance: 10km (Garmin: 9.59km)

Gun Timing: 48:58

Chip Timing: 48:29

Garmin Timing: 48:32 for 5:03 min/km

Result: 23rd placing (Open) (winner ruled the roost in 34 minutes!)

This race seems to be getting better with each passing year – both on the organization and the participants. Much much much more different from my first year, 2009 (OMG! Has it been 3 years already?!) Better organized and more ladies running vs chaotic finish line/carnival and handbag clutching ladies.

The route was slightly different this year – while it was an out-and-back, there was very little of route repetition except for the last 2 km (more on that later). I would call it a roundabouts with Nicoll Highway being the both ends. This year, we flew down Nicoll Highway and instead of a U-turn, we turned left heading into Geylang and Kampung Bugis before proceeding to Kallang Park. 6km in and then it was the Flyer and FI track – notice how this stretch has been featuring in most, if not all, runs since it was completed? Another 2km in the pocket before the out-and-back on Nicoll Highway. This was the most boring and toughest stretch for me; it’s a bit like the KL Marathon finish at Dataran Merdeka – so near, the crowds are cheering, the music is blaring etc but you had to run down for 1 km before a U-turn for the final 1 km. At least the KL Marathon reverse route is on the parallel road…this was on the same road cordoned off with barriers.

All in, this was not a race I had expected to run well; coming back with a “decent” timing (maybe like 53-55 min) was the goal since I had less than a 12-hour recovery break after Marina 21K. You can’t imagine my joy and elation when I saw the final timing, notwithstanding the slightly underdistanced route. I guess the back-to-back runs with the adiNation group and Kenny on Wednesdays and Thursdays helped tremendously. Thanks so much guys!


a) Getting better at the organization.

b) Interesting route – especially the Geylang roads. Ok, maybe that was about it.

c) Split routes for the 5km and 10km or very little overlaps. My first year was a total mess since a lot of LV handbags clutching ladies were taking a 5km stroll…5 abreast! This was rectified last year and it was the same this year.

d) Great post-race expo/carnival – many samples and freebies as well as quick, short massages.


e) Distance markers at or close to hydration stations - every 2km. I think 2km is an appropriate distance coz I find that counting down to the finish line every km is bit too stressful (for me!).

f) The medal and goodie bag collection was very well ordered and I was in-and-out in 5 minutes tops. Not too sure if became crowded later on when more ladies finish their races but didn’t hear anything on this issue this year.

Finisher's medal


a) The last 2km of out-and-back. Urgh! Would not have been able to clear that if not for the cheers from the guys from SgRunners.

Photo credits to tool
At km8

b) Next urgh…running in Kallang Park and the hard surfaces of the path was well, hard on my feet. Not to mention, unresponsive.

c) The cross over to the Nicoll Highway MRT cuts across the running path – same issue last year; those who had finished had major problems crossing the road…not unless they want to earn the ire of the ladies about to cross the line.

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