Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Loves Friday

1. It’s Friday which means a couple of hours away to the weekend. Ahem…a 3-day weekend for me as I’ll be away. These are on my list apart from getting lost making my way to NUS (it’ll happen, I guarantee you that): TWG café for tea and macaroons at SW’s suggestion, Marvelous Cream, Garmin FR610, other shopping.

2. Snacking on these in preparation for sweat fest. My excuse.

3. Battling my flaky jaw and forehead with this. Trying out high street/pharmacy brands after failing to make headways with mid range brands. Of course, if I owned the bank, La Mer will need to send their reps to see me! BTW, Regenerists smells wonderful.

4. 5 supplements I take: Multi-vits, Multi-vit B, Vitamin E, Calcium + Vitamin D and Evening Primrose Oil.

5. Hmm…got my sorta wish for a heavy weights session. Rhe things I wished for?! Just coz I wasn’t sore enough in the earlier sessions!

Supersets of:

a) Cybex chest press

b) Cybex lat pulldown

c) Nautilus overhead shoulder press

Supersets of:

d) Cybex plate loaded squat press (not that heavy but my quads were in “pain”!)

e) Combo of DB bendover row and bicep curl

f) Split lunges (so not love coz my coordination is wonky at best!)

Supersets of:

g) LF cable chest fly (too tough)

h) LF cable tricep pressdown with iron bar

i) Leg raises

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