Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seputeh – Desa Waterpark Run – 18 August 2011

Distance: 10.18km (still Garmin-less)

Timing: 54:50 for 5:23 min/km pace

Boss, Kenny, Lai and I got to Lake Gardens at roundabouts 6:20 pm yesterday – the earlier downpour seemed to have abated and we were looking forward to a quick and easy run. That did not happened…5 minutes later, it poured…and poured…and poured…and poured and to add more spice to the concoction, intermittent lightening and thunder. We thought we could sit it out but it was still pouring 50 minutes on and we called it off. Poor KK who was caught mid-run and was thoroughly soaked. The rain did slowed a tad and I ran to the car but not without getting wet. Oh well, redemption run this morning.

Kenny and I did an easy run this morning although I was ahead of him (~1 km or so). We started just after 6:15 am and spent the first km catching up on yesterday’s events or rather what we did after leaving, fueling before a run, breakfast menu – guess what???!!! We have the same thing for brekkie! PB with bread or Jacob’s cream crackers!

Odd, by 500m or so, Kenny had dropped back and the gap widened by 800 m. Really odd because I didn’t feel that I was pushing it – I try to make my easy runs, easy and focus on form and gait. I powered on and the turnoff to Taman Desa came on quickly. After this, was the slight climb on Jalan Desa Utama before the road leveled off at the housing estate. This was followed by the endless road to the Desa Waterpark for the turnaround. I kept looking out for Kenny on the return journey and there he was! About 500m to the turnaround. I trucked along and didn’t even noticed the slight elevation before the Taman Desa traffic lights. Soon, the dreaded Old Klang Road and headwinds descended as I made my way back. I hate headwinds! I hate headwinds! There was a point when I felt I was going to be blown away – yes, it was that strong. There were even headwinds on the road outside Kenny’s lane! So NOT awesome! Oh well, I got my 6 miles (and spare change) done.

At the Desa waterpark turnaround, Kenny told me to go ahead if I was running late and since traffic was building up on Old Klang Road when I was running back, I decided to leave immediately after my run. I did a 30 min cooldown on the elliptical cross trainer when I got the gym before hitting the showers. Speaking of showers, it might be time for a major overhaul and shower for the green KSO and since I’m lazy, the washing machine will have to do the work. Maybe after this weekend’s run.

My shoulders are super sore and my glutes are a tad achy from yesterday’s workout although I’m hopeful it peters out by tonight because I’m meeting Michael tomorrow morning. Should I request for a heavy workout session? Drop sets perhaps? We’ll see. In the meantime, Thursday’s mantra: rest, refuel and rehydrate.

Catch up tomorrow!

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