Thursday, August 11, 2011

Double Double – adiNation Training Run on 10 August 2011 & Seputeh Run on 11 August 2011

Well, 2 for the price of 1 this morning! Count yourself lucky! Kidding!

adiNation Training Run – 10 August 2011


a) Aron

b) Adam

c) Kenny (2 laps around the lake with Wern Tian)

d) Wern Tian (3 laps)

Distance: 1.5 laps of 7km loop through Planetarium (Garmin: 12.20km)

Timing: 65:56 for 5:24 min/km pace

It was a cool evening after the downpour in the afternoon and I suggested we do the bigger lap and perhaps 2 around the lake. Kenny decided to stay back to wait for Ronnie (who eventually bailed out due to scheduling conflicts) and later ran 2 rounds with Wern Tian.

Lap 1

Adam led the way since Aron and I was not familiar with the route although he skipped the loop around Planetarium. It was a comfortable pace and we were talking for most of the journey. I was glad we had taken this route instead of lapping the lake since the pathway was still slippery. I think we dropped Adam around the BA car park but I don’t think he was too far back.

Lap 2

At the end of the first lap, Aron asked if I wanted to do the same lap or 3 around the lake – yeah, he wanted to clock some mileage. I told him: Let’s just run to the turn off for the option and then decide. Just 1km into the lap, we both had this unspoken inkling that a bigger lap was on the table. Wern Tian came up on us just after the toilet and Aron decided to pace him until the turn off to the Deer Park. Next up was the Planetarium – do or don’t do? I think Aron was being a tad “sadomasochistic” since he decided we SHOULD DO the Planetarium. Yup, it turned out to be hill training yesterday. He even went so far to suggest we do a third lap! Oh well, to give him credit, the pace was comfortable and I definitely had some in the tank…but…but…but I had a “run date” with Kenny this morning and didn’t think I wanted to run on empty! He did eventually put on a speedy 10+ minutes around the lake when we got back.

Since we were going slower (LOL! Coz boss was not around!!!), I took the opportunity to observe and correct my running gait – no overstriding, keeping body in line etc. Guess what…it must have worked because my right calf is tighter than usual this morning. It was the same this morning.

Seputeh Run – 11 August 2011

Distance: 2 laps * 4km = 8km (Garmin: 8.01km)

Timing: 44:24 for 5:32 min/km pace

Another option day – (1) fast, flattish out-and-back to Desa Waterpark or (2) “easy”, slow hill training around Seputeh. I picked (2) simply I can’t stand running into headwinds! Oh yeah, the weather and temps from yesterday evening stayed with us – I even felt a tad cold when walked out of the house.

Lap 1

The first 1.5km was all about chatting and Kenny prodding me to sign up for the Songkla Marathon at the end of the month. As soon as the upslope came up, he pulled ahead and throughout the run, I was tagging onto him…and the distance between us started with 2 meters and eventually turned to 20-50-70 meters in the second lap. I’m using yesterday’s workout and the 12km in the evening as my excuse! Yes, I’m that weak! LOL!

Lap 2 & loop around the furniture shop

Faster pace and my quads were literally on fire on the upslopes. Really. Seriously. There just a small tiny portion – the row of houses after the train station on the back of the out-and-back route – that I was ahead of Kenny…like for 20 meters! LOL! Then it was trucking along the loop around the furniture shop – this was good because I felt faster. Heck, I think any flat or downhill would feel faster than the upslopes! Right, I’m clearly out of my mind or hallucinating because I’ve absolutely no clue what I’m saying here! Definitely too much legs training in the last 24 hours!

Time to rest, rehydrate and refuel – Thursday’s mantra people!

p/s: I'm still playing with the fonts, colours etc to find my happy medium. It's my blog after all!

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