Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. It’s Friday! A couple more hours to the weekend! It was tough getting back into the rhythm of things since the past weekend was awesome and I had Monday off. A few things planned: long-ish run with Aron, short sprint with the Pacemakers, yoga at Richard’s, nap+nap+nap, drop off SW’s goodies, catch up with YM etc etc etc. Good stuff.

2. Grandma has been awesome since the maid left – helped me with dinner (without fail!) every weekday night. So I’ve been enjoying my noodles with steamed tofu and soy sausages, braised mushrooms and blanched spinach in soup. Sure, it may seem a bit bland to you but I do prefer “clean” eating on weekdays. I drizzle some EVOO on them in place of the pasta sauce that the maid used to make for me. Weekends are for splurges or eating out. How about you? Do you have a “structured” meal plan or do you go with whatever that comes to mind?

EVOO love

3. That said, I’m looking to vary my diet and have been modifying things a bit during breakfast and lunch in the office. For example, these past 2 days have seen me having toasted sarnies (well, gotta try out the sandwich toaster SW gave me!) instead of my usual oatmeal or crackers. I’ve also added a handful of nuts to my lunch diet. BTW, since Fridays are Confessional Fridays…I do have my take of junk food (think crisps) and thereby nullifies my stake of eating “clean” during the week (see point 2 above). Wait, it may not because I did use “prefer”. Technicality folks!

4. This week was cut back week – zero bricks; if you noticed that Wednesday’s adiNation Training Run was slightly longer than usual and technically wouldn’t be counted as “cut back”, can I claim that this is a group run? And collective decision overrules individual desires. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seemed to have helped with recovery. Was uber-ly sore yesterday – back (from Monday! Still! Probably record-breaking here.) and the lower limbs were sore. As this rules out bricks, it has to be either a fueling or resting issue or both. More likely, the latter because I kept nodding off in the office yesterday. My right calf seized up in the middle of the night; it was tight and sore for most of yesterday and I was hoping yesterday’s 3Rs (rest, rehydrate and refuel) would do the trick…it did not. I’m toying with the idea of downing some 100Plus today in hopes that the cramps stay away tonight and crucially, tomorrow morning – it’ll be a long walk if it decides to act up during the run! Maybe I should take along more cash…to cab back…you know…just in case.

5. So no calf raises this morning…just the dreaded free standing pull-ups and dips and they were the starters this morning! Yeah I know they’re good for me but nursing sore back and chest muscles for 3 days is not! Who else strength trains? Or what cross training do you do? Here’s this morning’s “meal”

Supersets of:

a) Free standing pull-ups

b) Free standing dips

Supersets of:

c) TRX close grip pull-ups

d) Chest fly with the resistance band

Supersets of:

e) Combo of kettle bell deadlift and frontal raise (I look awkward doing this! Coz I’m just that not coordinated! Go ahead and laugh!)

f) BB squats (we added this for the second and third sets since the combo was doing nothing for my glutes/quads) followed by Combo of DB squats and overhead shoulder press

g) Technogym cable criss cross pull-down for the shoulders

Supersets of:

h) Hoist seated dips

i) Reverse abs crunches

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