Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid week recap (or sorts)

It doesn’t feel like a mid week to moi since I had Monday off and a not-too-demanding or arduous day yesterday (and shall we all pray it keeps that way for the rest of the week? Pretty please…I need all the help I need). Here’s how this week has panned out:

Oh ignore the fonts...I'm bored and playing, experimenting with fonts, italics, colours whatever!


Half the day in Hat Yai – lots of yippity yakking while waiting for our flight and more yippity yakking on the plane and the ride home.

• Bloodbath in the financial markets – day 1 after the downgrade of the US rating by S&P over the weekend.

• Strength training with Michael in the evening – my back and chest are still sore! Holy moly…it was a darn good workout!


Back to work – managed to eke out the numbers for a new deal. Markets seem to have recovered or holding on.

• Started the day with Sun Salutations A and B followed by an easy cross training session on the Arc Trainer elliptical. This is cut back week and hence no Lake Gardens.


Shall not breathe a word on work lest it gets jinxed!

• Started the day with 4 rounds of Buteyko and guess what…so did my session with Michael! 4 sets for the first 2 workouts:

Single sets of:

a) Technogym overhead shoulder press

Supersets of:

b) Technogym leg press (started with 100lbs which somehow felt like 80 and moved up to 160 and I didn’t really feel like dying! Score!)

c) Nautilus prone leg curl

Supersets of:

d) Technogym leg extension

e) DB walking lunges

Supersets of:

f) Technogym cable criss cross rear delt

g) DB lateral raises

Single sets of:

h) Leg raises

Misc and oddities

I was thinking about how much things have changed in the past year. I am now less uptight during races, less stressed when asked to do 4 laps around the lake by Ronnie and more importantly, developed and connected much deeper with friends. There is just so much encouragement and support from everyone in the sport that you’re hardly ever lonely or feel left out. The kind words, advices, cheers, pick-me-ups and assistance I’ve received so far and especially during my fracture were amazing.

This is different from the connections I made in Cambridge, not that it was any less or more, just different. The bonds I’ve developed in Cambridge and now, through running are the deepest and most treasured in my life and I’ve a feeling nothing else in the future will come close. Ah but I should never say never, right?

What about you guys? Which relationships, apart from family (if you’re close to them), touched you the most?

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