Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick update

• Back! Got into town yesterday afternoon and it has been go, go, go since I got in. Sorry…the longer posts will have to wait.

• Won the 10km category of the Marina 21K 2011!!! Still in shock! Chip time was 48:58 minutes – that would be a PB!

• Went out the following morning to run the Shape Run 2011, slightly slower but I’m more than happy to be able to keep to a 5 min/km pace. The official results are not out yet but Garmin puts me at 48:32 for a 9.59km.

• Back-to-backs, particularly an evening run followed by one the following morning is tough but then you already knew that, didn’t you. It’s do-able but takes a toll on your body – hence rest, refuel and rehydrate has been the order of the day since Saturday evening.

• Did a recovery run this morning – 4 laps around the lake with the first km from the BA car park being a warm up mile – only to find out just a while ago that SW ran this morning as well. Haiz…if only we coordinated our plans, we could have kept each other company. Anyway, 10.2km done in 54:34 minutes for a 5:20 min/km pace.

• Could do with a massage but Diane is taking a break…and may not return. Le sigh.

• The maid left over the weekend and Grandma is managing as best as she can; not particularly ideal since she’s 80+. She gave some copped out excuse about being ill and wanted to return to the agent (not her homeland!) – so it was suspicion all around. I’m not sure if Grandma will get a replacement anytime soon given the scarcity of hired help.

• Yesterday’s back-and-chest combo, finishing with reverse abs crunches:

Supersets of:

a) BB bench chest press

b) LF cable low row (close grip)

Supersets of:

c) BB bench incline chest press

d) LF cable lat pulldown

Supersets of:

e) LF cable chest fly

f) Precor T-bar row

Supersets of:

g) Plate weight back extension

h) Push-ups with the initial reps combined with lateral raises

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