Friday, July 22, 2011

Snucked in

Sorry...this is late in coming. Was travelling today. What?! You mean the 1-hour commute between KL and the Lion City is not counted?! Since when?! Well, in my books, it is. Live with it.

Anyhoo, I got into town around 2:30pm (the flight was almost full! Can you beat that?) and after the dilly dallying, got myself settled in a.k.a FB-ing, surfing etc, you know more important things than blogging. I gathered it rained here in the morning and it was cloudy when we touched down. Sun was hiding. Low temps. Awesome. In a way. Hopefully it stays this way till Monday.

Even more "hopefully", my body cooperates because I can just feel the acheness coming on...FULL BLOWN. Yes, we worked the pull-ups and dips this morning. Part of the functional training package. Oh wait, pull-ups and dips are part of every session, functional or not! Here's how it went:

Supersets (let's just call it a giant set) of:
a) TRX reverse pull
b) Resistance band chest press
c) Technogym cable reverse fly
d) Technogym cable chest fly
e) BB squats and walking lunges
f) Atomic and plank

Supersets of:
g) Free standing pull-ups
h) Free standing dips

Breakfast was an on-the-go mango custard bun from Tong Kee after spending an excruciating and frustrating 15 minutes looking for parking! Righto, time for dinner. Catch up later this weekend...second thoughts, next week. Have a great weekend peeps!

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