Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mid Week Hash (and Mash!)

• Another bullet-o style for the day since things are a tad on the busy side in the office – closing a deal early next week and this comes with the ancillary pre-deal audit and regulatory submissions.

• Gathered from Yee Hua over the weekend that the results of the Jog for Hope 2011 were revised and I moved up 2 places. Yay! She added that the top 3 finishers are entitled to some vouchers. Double yay! I’ll probably make my way to Taylor’s College later this week to sort it out.

• It’ll be Alex’s last week with us and we’re heading to Ploy at Clearwater Residences for a farewell lunch today. Big le sigh…won’t have the extra helping hand with my deals after this week. Hopefully we left a great impression on him and he’ll consider the team for a permanent spot when his probation ends. Maybe I should just ask for divine intervention for a lottery win!

• Today’s legs-and-shoulders combo:

Supersets of:

a) EPIC hack squat (moved up to 600lbs but my glutes and quads are still weak since I couldn’t go real low like I’m supposed to)

b) Cybex seated calf raises

c) Seated (no back support) DB overhead shoulder press

Supersets of:

d) DB lateral raises

e) Smith machine lunges

f) Plate weight frontal raises

Supersets of:

g) Hoist leg extension

h) Hoist seated leg curl

Supersets of:

i) Abs crunches on fitball

j) Technogym cable standing cross cable shoulder pulldown

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