Thursday, July 7, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 6 July 2011


a) KK

b) Vijay

c) Aron

d) Melvin

e) Wern Tian (for chit chat session)

Distance: 4 laps * 2.3km = 9.2km (Garmin: 9.11km)

Timing: 48:10 for 5:17 min/km pace (Aron’s timing was 47:50 – actual since my Garmin jammed up at the end)

Lap 1

The sky opened up (BIG TIME!) around 4pm and I was worried that the session would be cancelled; it tapered off after half an hour – there was hope! I arrived slightly after 6:30pm and spotted Aron driving in. KK had started earlier and since Boss and Kei Ming were nowhere to be seen, Aron and I took off. The rain earlier did nothing to the temps – beads of sweat formed about 100m into the run and the humidity was horrendous! This coupled with the morning’s workout made for a very difficult run – I was close to heaving and was surprised when Aron said he felt fine. At this point, I wanted to whack the guy! Lap 1 covered in 12+ minutes but the effort felt like a 11.

Laps 2 - 4

The heaving and heaviness of the legs eased off in the second lap but it still felt difficult; Aron commented that he was beginning to feel the temp. I did ask him to go ahead if he wanted but he was being an angel and said he was going to follow my pace. Lap 3 passed and soon we were onto our final lap where we passed KK about 800 meters in; a quick wave and we tottered on. I was so glad when we crossed the finish line. It was muggy out there! I was surprised when Aron told me we had negative splits for the last 3 laps – 11+ minutes.

Huge shoutout to Aron here!

Workout this morning:

a) 60 min Cybex Arc Trainer elliptical cross trainer at an easy pace

Kenny and I had planned to do an easy 6km this morning but after a rough night, he had to cancel and I detoured to the gym instead. This was probably a good omen because I woke up to sore glutes and inner thighs-to-hamstrings.

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