Friday, July 8, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Have been eating healthy lunches since the start of the week a.k.a. oatmeal although I am keeping the crisps as my daily indulgence or cheat or whatever.

2. Speaking of food, anyone knows where I can get this

Shelves at Jusco, Giant and Cold Storage were void of them. Vinz tells me he could not find them in Singapore as well. Has the line been discontinued?

3. Roads were (BIG) surprisingly clear of traffic last night and this morning even at the peak-est of the peak-est hour. This does not look good – most of us were anticipating massive traffic jams due to the supposedly police roadblocks and road closures ahead of this weekend’s rallies. Even the parking lot at work was sparse – I actually managed to get a lot when I would usually valet park if I come in anytime after 8:30. It is too quiet…something’s up. Just hoping I can make it to Subang airport and on the plane tomorrow morning!

4. SW has given me her shopping list; ok, just 1 item: Crumpler bag for her MacBook Air. Link here.

5. Total body workout this morning:

Supersets of:

a) Freemotion cable dual handle standing lat pull down

b) Freemotion cable incline chest press

c) DB walking lunges

Supersets of:

d) Nautilus Nitro Plus overhead shoulder press

e) Technogym low row

f) Technogym leg press

Supersets of:


h) Precor flat bicep curl

i) Precor flat tricep extension

j) Nautilus abdominal (low, high and full crunches – man, the high ones were difficult!)

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