Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The signs were all there – clothes that no longer fit, sharper chin, higher cheekbones – even before the results of today’s body assessment came out. Oh, I knew I was on the light side but not this light! 38.3kg. Flippin h***! I thought I was at least 40 and I put the lighter weight on being athletic. Overall, I am OK and feel great; just need to put on another 9kg of FAT (LOL!) and 3kg of muscle mass. Just how I am supposed to do that is up in the air since I am already having 5 meals a day and trying to increase portion sizes during dinners.

Just yesterday, I was reading Monica’s post on refueling and it rang aloud in my ears this morning when Michael and I went through the results: if I am going to put my body through this, I should treat it well. That means refueling and refueling it well (a.k.a. no junk!). I will try to tweak my diet gradually starting with increasing portion sizes – probably protein to start with, moving on to veg and fruits. I might substitute or mix about other stuff after that – brown rice or quinoa for carbs etc.

Ideas are welcomed!

Moving on to this morning’s legs-and-shoulders session (it was not too tough or am I getting stronger?):

Supersets of:

a) Nautilus Nitro overhead shoulder press

b) DB lateral raise

Supersets of:

c) Technogym leg press (we started with 100lbs but somehow it didn’t feel like 100; I thought it was 80 until I looked at the pin – see that’s what I mean…it didn’t feel that tough; then again, we didn’t hit 160 today)

d) DB walking lunges

e) Cybex Eagle prone leg curl

Supersets of:

f) Technogym cable seated rear delt

g) DB frontal raise

Supersets of:

h) Hoist leg extension (as usual my quads were burning towards the end!)

i) Ab crunches on fit ball

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