Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Whatever that means – that’s Ronnie’s lingo for missed opportunity. The results of the SCKLM came out last night and I came in 4th…and the podium stops at 3. I am not as gutted as I thought I would be, it is a passing feeling. Oh yeah, I definitely did spot Ms 3rd place and the timing difference between us was about 17 - 20 seconds. Now tell me with these past couple of weeks’ results, why couldn’t I have placed at the Energizer Night Run???!!! I am more cheesed off with that than SCKLM – I feel so cheated and it was all down to poor organization and management; at the SCKLM, it was all fair play.

I had a talk with Kenny last night and he thinks that I could break that 50-min stranglehold and all I needed to do was run each km, 10 seconds faster or 5 to start off with. Me? Not so. I am not naturally athletic – look at how long it took me to break the 53-55 min threshold! I doubt we will need to tweak much of my diet or cross training for this; we’ll need to formulate a new game plan if we want to break that barrier. So guys, what are your ideas? Any training plans recommendation?

Workout this morning:

a) Sun salutations Hatha 101 version

b) 60 min Cybex Arc Trainer elliptical cross trainer at an easy to moderate pace

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