Monday, June 27, 2011

The SCKLM 2011 Weekend

KL was engrossed with the SCKLM over the weekend with over 22,000 runners taking to the streets yesterday morning. Make that occupied the city center up to lunch or so. Since the roads were to be closed on early Sunday morning, I bunked over at SW’s place; we cabbed down to Dataran Merdeka on Sunday morning – Chinatown to be exact and walked the rest of the way and took the train back to KLCC after the run (SW had parked at Mandarin the previous night).

Ok, ok, getting to the bits: I came in at 52:40 for the 10.6km while SW and HTN clocked 2:06:xx and 2:07:xx for the half-mary. Their personal best; so excited for them! I ran back to Jalan Sultan Ismail after my run to wait for them to come by and paced them for the last 2-3km. Will update this when the results are out.

We also celebrated at Ben’s later in the evening. It was also an early birthday get-together for HTN’s birthday.

It was back to regular programming this morning with a back-and-chest combo.

Supersets of:

a) Freemotion cable dual handle free standing upper back row

b) Technogym cable shoulder level back row with iron bar

Supersets of:

c) Freemotion cable free standing chest fly

d) Nautilus Nitro incline chest press

Supersets of:

e) LF free standing pull-ups

f) DB bend over back row

Supersets of:

g) Nautilus Nitro chest pec fly

h) Cybex Eagle chest press

Supersets of:

i) BB bicep curl

j) LF cable tricep pressdown with rope

Single sets of:

k) Reverse ab crunches

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