Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why can’t Wednesday = public holiday?!

Oh I wished it was today instead of yesterday. A mid week break is much better (and appreciated!) than having to come in for a day, take a day off and slog for another 3. Well, in my case, another 2.5 but hey that 0.5 is too marginal to count!

I ran with SW and HTN yesterday morning – their first 10 miler of the season. We started around 6:15 am from the apartment and made our way to Ampang along Jalan Ampang before turning around at the Shell station. It was a pancake flat route but the stunning view of embassies, ambassadorial residences and generally who’s who’s in town’s houses made up for it. Yes, I could actually take in the sights instead of huffing and puffing as I usually do at the Bukit Tunku (the houses there are no less impressive) since we were trucking along at 6:15 min/km pace. Taking things down a few notches has its benefits; not every run has to be tough and hard – yesterday’s run allowed me to catch up with SW (although the pace was probably tougher for her), take in the picturesque Ampang (which I’ve never known) and gave my legs a rest. We were back at Jalan Tun Razak/Prince Court Medical Center by km12-13 and finished the rest of their schedule with 2 rounds around the KLCC park. Being such a sloth (please do not tell me this is new to you!) aka lazy to head to the gym after this, I topped off the morning with another 3+a bit rounds to round up 20km.

The only downside, a very minor one, was the left hip. By the time we finished the out-and-back of Ampang, I could feel the threat of tiny niggles of a sore hip; so I was actually glad there were pimples in the park, which gave me a chance to use different muscle groups. Same problem I get when running in Singapore – using the same muscles for the entire pancake flat route. The rest of the day was spent huddled in my room – surfing, chatting online, reading, napping although I did head out for a leg massage in the evening. Mr Soon threw in an extra and gave my non-injurious calf a rubdown after “killing” (those of you familiar with Chinese physicians would know what I mean) me on the right shin. Nah, that one is more or less healed but it was tight after the run and since I had time, why not torture myself.

Speaking of torture, this morning’s session barely touched 4 – what?! I am masochistic! Ok, ok, here is what we did today:

Supersets of:

a) Smith machine squats

b) Seated DB overhead shoulder press

Supersets of:

c) Cybex plate loaded squat press

d) BB frontal raise (ok, this one busted the torture scale)

Supersets of:

e) Hoist leg extension

f) DB lateral raise

Supersets of:

g) Hoist dips - tricep/chest pressdown

h) Free standing dips

We finished the session with 3 sets of reverse abs crunches – steepest incline ever! I will toss a coin on whether to head for this evening’s adiNation Training Run later this afternoon. Yes, I have a thousand and one excuses which I shall “kindly” not bore you with. Oh, you really wanna know? Here are some: Ariya’s farewell tea party, yesterday’s 12.5 miler, today’s legs’ workout, I miss Richard’s class yesterday and want to make it up today.

I’m being chatty today – so much happenings, so much news – why do you think the title blog has “ramblings” in it?! Bah!

Kenny is taking up a job with Kencana and will be based in Lumut from next month. There goes my running buddy. Do not get me wrong, I all for it and happy for him; I just need to figure out and tweak my running schedule. By all counts, I should be able to train on my own etc but having someone to push me feels 1,000,000,000,000,000 times better. Perhaps God is sending me a message. Or is anyone willing to put up with me for 2-3 times a week? Anyone? Anyone? Oh, he will be back on weekends and have every other month off…things are not dire, in case you’re wondering if I’m suicidal at this point.

He also got me thinking about my current situation; in fact, he asked if I was actively scouting for a job last night. He went on about placing my faith in God and letting things happen as He wants it. As difficult as it is to let go (man’s genetic makeup for self-control), I know that He has never and will never fail me; there were too many close calls and incidences in the past. Things are grim where I am sitting; h*** (God forgive me for this!) it has been a constant battle for the past 18 months; a lil’ hope would be nice. Le sigh.

Apart from smelling like cat litter (again!), the KSO will need to be replaced soon. Noticed a small tear at the right heel after Saturday’s LSD – fished out the grub after the run and yesterday, a tiny clot of sand. Good thing, I will be down south this weekend but I suspect I may not have much Zeit to head into Orchard (there is a RunSwimBike expo at where else but The Expo). Let us see how much ground I can cover, else it will be next weekend. Yes, I should be based there instead of here. More le sigh.

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