Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seputeh-Taman Desa Run – 19 May 2011

Distance: 9.44km

Timing: 52:47 min for 5:36 min/km pace

Yesterday’s enforced break from running (sorry folks, no adiNation Training Run report for this week) due to a combination of factors (hey, I should get an award for creativity here!):

• fatigue (I kid you not! I was tired, listless and running on empty the whole day – must have been the previous day’s run and the morning’s session with Michael)

• Ariya’s farewell gathering which ran late

• Threatening skies which eventually led to a downpour (note: this is a common used excuse!)

was great because I woke up feeling much better and ready to tackle the distance. The overnight downpour meant the temps and humidity was lower this morning. Even the air felt and smelt fresh (right, minus when we ran past the garbage truck!).Km1 as usual was the warm up mile and we got chatting about the police car parked at the abandoned house 2 doors away from Kenny’s place, my bout with vertigo over the weekend, Tuesday’s run and “my theory” about aching hips (flat route FTW!). Kenny led the way from km2 and I kept pace with him until km3-4. Yup, that was when he powered ahead and soon the 20m distance became 30, 40…you get the idea.

Looks like it is no more hip plague for him! So it was a matter of trailing him for the rest of the run. I felt good throughout the run and never once thought I would “die” as I usually do – I think that is because I did not run with the guys yesterday evening and hence zero fatigue. So if I didn’t think or look like death, what was going through my mind? Work mainly and it was not pleasant AT ALL. And it stressed me out to the MAX. After all these while, being detached from work is still a work-in-progress. Le sigh.

The tear on the right sole, though, was another ballgame. A pebble got lodged in there this morning and I had a 9km FOC reflexology session. Must, must, must get another pair of KSO this weekend!

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