Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekend recap or sorts

I was supposed to post this yesterday but Blogspot kept returning this error message: HTTP 404 Not Found. Any ideas why?

Yeah I realized we are heading into the next one and I am still talking about the previous one. Ok, does my sentence even make sense?! Oh I blame it entirely on a packed schedule at work, hey I can’t be pointing fingers at myself right? I got into Singapore around 4:20pm and proceeded to get dinner before heading back and promptly put my feet up. Dang! I have the ubiquitous knack for picking the “wrong” immigration queue – this time, it was an Indonesian guy. At least this time they allowed me to move to the front of the parallel queue. Friday night and most of Saturday was spent chilling out, online chatting and keeping my feet up. And sleeping in…which happened on both days actually. It has been a while since I have done that.

Sunday was more of running around getting stuff

- picking up the Sundown bib at Expo

- shopping at the RunBikeSwim Expo (found nothing though the rest may have a different view – 2XU stuff, sign-ups for the Newton Run, Singapore Half Marathon and YPPR)

- run through the Robinson sale in the adjacent hall (scored St Ives Whipped Silk for $1 and Colour Inc Japan loose powder for $7 with another 10% discount on top of that since it was the last day of the sale)

- and finally heading to Taka to get the KSO (got a $10 refund on the GST); the current KSO will be downgraded to walking malls, at least until the sole eats through. What can I say…I’m a cheapo and Scrooge – FOC reflexology session. I am even thinking of wearing the good left side with the new KSO right side.

Despite all this, I still had time to chill before the flight. Ok make that sweating buckets since it was warm and humid the entire day. Kenny was right…there might not be rain in Singapore despite the downpours here since it is miles and miles away. I am rambling but that is ok since this blog is supposed to be where I dump my junk.

Let us get to today’s back-and-chest workout then, the “meatier” stuff of this blog:

Supersets of:

a) Reverse pull-ups

b) Push-ups

Supersets of:

c) DB bendover back row

d) Smith machine bench chest press

Supersets of:

e) LF cable low row

f) BB bench decline chest press

Supersets of:

g) Free standing pull-ups

h) LF cable bench chest fly

i) Ab crunches on medicine ball with feet on bench

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