Monday, May 23, 2011

Seputeh-Desa Waterpark Run – 23 May 2011

Distance: 10.18km

Timing: 55:28 min for 5:27 min/km pace

Michael could not make it for this morning’s session as he was sitting for an exam; so I made plans to run with Kenny. It was a slow, easy run; something to shake out the gremlins after Saturday’s run. As usual, the first km was a warm up and catch up time kinda thing. The legs felt good and I upped the pace slightly but not that much though km 3 and 4 felt speedy. I didn’t realize how much ahead I was until spotting Kenny heading to the turnaround at Desa Waterpark on my way back – he was probably a km back. Holy moly!

As always, it was the battle of the headwind gremlins along Old Klang Road on the return journey and the combination of fatigue and especially stronger headwinds this morning made this 2 km torturous. I tried to stay positive, motivate myself, saying things like “this is nothing compared to SR’s Gansett Marathon etc”. It helped to a certain extent but like I said, traffic was heavy this morning hence the headwinds. This stretch was where the hot spot on the right arch started acting up (I test wore my new KSO); so odd – I got the exact model and size as my current pair and yet, it bit, chewed and tore me apart. It was slightly bloody when I took it off and stung like h*** when I hit the showers. Right, veered OTT – I had the motivation to kick it up (let’s not prolong the pain) but it was, oh so, difficult. I need help! Why do I always slack on the last km? How do I pick it up and not get chicked (especially during races)???

I am taking tomorrow off even though Kenny wanted to run and I’ll be sure to tape up the arch on Thursday morning.

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