Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seputeh Loops – 5 May 2011

Distance: 8.05km

Timing: 47:44 min for 5:56 min/km pace

Kenny had called me during lunch yesterday to forewarn me about today’s impending slower pace since his recent recurring problem; this was fine with me since my &*)%@ right shin has been nagging at me since the weekend. As usual, the first km was a warm up but Kenny was taking it much slower than before and I was already ahead before we got to the junction of his street. My right shin bothered me for the entire run and it was actually less painful to run at a faster pace. Faster, not Ronnie See’s fast or even Kei Ming’s fast! Since I took it easy, there was more than enough in the tank for another 2km to top it off at 10km but I discarded this option after yesterday’s run – I had more than sufficient mileage for the time being.

I am really hoping the shins problem clear up – I was practically hobbling from the car park to the gym this morning; this is a “usual” symptom and clears up after the muscles warm up though I have been walking about in my Birkies since the run. I am so over battling it that even the thought of a session (or two!) with Mr Soon is so welcomed. Right, this probably confirms my sanity (or lack thereof!).

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