Thursday, May 5, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 4 May 2011


a) “Boss” Ronnie*

b) “Group Lead” Kei Ming*

c) Jeff*

d) KK Yum**

e) Vijay**

f) Yeap

g) Kok Loon

*Hill intervals

**5-6 loops

Distance: 2 laps of Carcosa-Deer Park-Bird Park + 1 lap around lake(Garmin: 11.06km)

Timing: 64:50 for 5:52 min/km pace

Lap 1

The first km was our warm up and I was chatting with both Yeap and Kok Loon; Kok Loon dropped off at the turning to Deer Park where Yeap and I met the guys. We continued onto Bird Park and our chat – I cut my pace to about 6 min/km – the pace if they wanted to finish a 10km in an hour or 21km in under 2; plus my right shin was still bothering me though Michael’s session earlier in the morning did not (these words would come back to haunt me when I got home!).

Lap 2

Yeap was not too far back and I had him in sight until the turn off at the toilets; I had the impression that he was still there but when I looked back at the top of the hill, he was gone! Le sigh…lost one client at lap 1 and another one at lap 2. Way to go gal…how are you supposed to report back to boss?!

Lap 3

I thought the 2 laps was ~ 7km and went for a mini lap around the lake to make up our usual 9+ km. I was wrong…I has miscalculate the beeps or rather lost count. This was also my fastest lap since it was relatively flat. Oh well, it was a good effort considering the swollen shin.

Michael did try to massage and pressure point it after our session yesterday and it was painful! I cannot imagine when I see Mr Soon this weekend – this is a must.

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