Saturday, May 7, 2011

Seputeh-Desa Waterpark Run – 7 May 2011

Ok, first things first...B.R.E.A.K.I.N.G  N.E.W.S. , make that double . I've been featured on Ronnie's blog! And invited to join his "family". Here's the link to my "wall of fame".

Back to regular programming.

Distance: 10.19km

Timing: 54:36 min for 5:22 min/km pace

This is the probably the earliest we have ever started: 5:45 am! Ok, minus Kei Ming's proposal of 5 am which I'm happy to report that no one took up the offer and saved the rest of us from having to wake up at ungodly hours. Kenny had a wedding to attend and suggested we start early since he was planning on a long run. Read the sentence carefully: he, not moi. In the end, he tossed the idea and finished with one loop and probably went back to bed.

This morning's run was a late minute thing - I wasn't sure how my shin would hold up after Thursday's run and played it by ear, especially since it practically froze up and I was hobbling into the gym after that. Somehow the tightness eased and I felt OK yesterday, not great but OK for a slow jog.

That was the "grand plan" - slow and easy. Yeah, we kept to the schedule until km4 when Mr Tan upped the pace., Oh darn it! Alright, bunker down, heads down, powered up - that's what I did. The shin was tight but not's do-able. Kenny slowed down just after the turnaround at Desa Waterpark and I ran slightly ahead, all the while thinking he was a few paces back. I was d.e.a.d. wrong. Ooopsss.

I just wanted to be over and done with since the shin kept nagging at me and kept to a 5:15-5:20 pace for the rest of the return lap. Yes, even along Old Klang Road aka headwinds galore street. Unfortunately, with Kenny a bit further back, I had to deal with Mr Ferocious Dog of the wholesaler - why do people let their dogs out roaming, especially ferocious guard dogs????!!!! Thank heaven he only managed 2 steps but his bark was deafening and my heart nearly fell out!

I had a bit of a cheer from one of the neighbours on the last km - good stuff when I was struggling to finish. 10km done and dusted by 6:45 am. Then I grabbed breakfast on the way home...showered...brekkie...and somehow managed to zzz! By golly, I must be uber tired.

Right, time to head for a torture session with Mr Soon.

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