Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Extended Labour Day weekend

Sigh. It is back to reality today.

Workout this morning:

a) Sun salutations A and Hatha 101 version (runners stretch and back bend)

b) 60 min Cybex elliptical cross trainer at an easy pace

• Michael and I scheduled a session yesterday evening since May could not swap her Tuesday morning with me. It was a back-and-chest session and we started with the dreaded-you-know-what.

Supersets of:

a) Free standing pull-ups

b) Free standing chin-up

Supersets of:

c) Freemotion cable dual handle lat pull down

d) Freemotion cable chest fly

Supersets of:

e) Technogym back row

f) Cybex chest press

Supersets of:

g) Technogym cable low-to-high chest

h) Technogym cable dual handle bend over row

Single sets of:

i) Technogym cable bicep curl

j) Leg raises

• Did I tell ya about my awesome therapist? Well, you will be hearing more about her! My 2-hour session on Sunday afternoon was first class; the detox must have started right away because I had zero inclination to go shopping (hence missing out on my KSO) and I was in bed by 9:30pm and slept a good whole 9 hours. Oh so I overslept and had a mad dash to complete the Buteyko on Monday morning before heading to the gym. Totally worth it.

• No fanciful eats over the weekend. I was that slothful though I veered slightly from my usual Subway wrap to check out Souperlicious’ mushroom tortilla wrap. It is a bit smaller in size, perfect for a someone who nibbles aka me. Unfortunately, I found the filling a bit on the dry side and I asked for additional garlic mayo (the “nominated” sauce). The mushrooms were cut small but plentiful – you definitely need the sauce since it was plain boiled. I did indulge in the Subway veggie patty wrap on Sunday and still found it too much. I was too exhausted to go anywhere for dinner after Saturday’s run and tapau-ed some fried noodles on the way home. Plus it was close to 10:30pm.

• I must have the ubiquitous knack for choosing the longest queue at the immigration…of any country! It was definitely a first for me to wait for a whole hour at the world’s most efficient country before I could clear immigration (why could not they have pulled her aside and questioned her in a separate holding area instead of holding up the queue for 10 minutes beats me!). Then, when I got into KLIA, I just had to stand behind an obnoxious man who was telling/teaching his wife how to work the IRIS smart chip/thumb print clearance but could not manage the magic himself. Le sigh.

• The entire world had a long Labour Day weekend and the entire world must have been travelling. We sat in the air for 15 minutes before landing at Changi and then on the return journey, 10 minutes because of “air traffic congestion”. Now if you add that to the immigration business, you have one very angry and pissed off gal. Conclusion: never ever take Jetstar if you can help it! Or if you want to save your sanity!

Check back here over the weekend - will upload some pic then.

Photo log (as promised):

Waiting for CF Bugis to open on Sunday morning

Bag hook from Central Clarke Quay (FOC!)

RD May 2011 - reading material on flight and in between things

Tomato soup littered with croutons at airport lounge KLIA

Milo from Wang Ee Cafe, Changi Singapore

Snack: Black sesame seed Chinese pastry

Snack: Lotus paste Chinese pastry

Brekkie: Toast with peanut butter

Tortilla wrap with mushrooms, Souperlicious City Hall, Sg

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