Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Weekend Weekend

It's here and I'm enjoying it as much as it can possibly be! I got into Singapore this morning - second flight out of Subang and the flight was uneventful. Now for those of you who have taken Fokkers or ATRs would know that the flights can be bumpy when the planes hit air pockets or if the weather is anything but sunny and windless. Even the landing at Changi was almost perfect. Great start to the weekend, won't you say?

The only downside and it's a minor one was the lack of sustenance for breakfast. I was hoping to pick up some curry puffs at my usual kopi tiam at Subang but they didn't have any this morning. Then it was hoping that Firefly would have some IKO crackers for snack but no, no, no...only "Mak Cik" cakes. Golly, they have seriously been going down hill - first it was the muffins (which were pretty good for airline standards) and then raised my hopes with the IKO crackers before going back to the muffins. And now this

Anyway, it's a small issue and nothing that'll spoil my weekend. I met up with Oceanos at his gallery in Central. He suggested meeting up earlier (3 pm) instead of our planned 5 pm. Ordinarily, I would have balked at such an "incredulous" idea since any hour between 2 and 5 pm are my precious weekend nap time!!! Somehow, something told me to go ahead and I got there around 2:30 pm. Perhaps it was just pure excitement over the mojo bag. Yes, I have it in my pocket now. So so so so so so so so so glad and relief!

We had a cuppa at the kopitiam and he proceeded to regale me with tales of some of his clients but mainly we chatted about shopping. Yeah to think I could even talk animatedly about this topic when it should have been right up SW's alley.

I am now more convinced than ever that things do really happen for a's looking like this now

and if we have met as scheduled, no doubt I will be looking like a wet dog!

Right, time to get dinner.

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