Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. It’s Friday! That is reason enough to rejoice!

2. I have a mini weekend getaway. Hint: I get to meet my favourite therapist.

3. The tiny blister on my right toe copped out last night and was painful and weepy. I used this, not that I noticed or felt any different. Or maybe it needs time because I use it on the chafed areas on my body and it does seem to be doing something.

4. I will continue hydrating, re-fueling and resting today since I am still achy and tired. I am sticking to the 5 meals a day and using the clock hour as a guide even though it’s difficult to eat when you’re not hungry (at least for me).

5. Functional/plyometrics training with Michael:

Supersets of:

a) TRX chest press

b) Push-ups with bar on Bosu (initial reps are explosive movements – failed!)

c) Technogym cable chest fly (standing)

Supersets of:

d) BB squats

e) TRX knee high-back single leg lunges

f) TRX sumo squats

g) Kettle bell dead lift (I am not sure if Michael was targeting the hamstrings or the lower back because I felt it in the latter than the former.)

h) TRX hamstrings (I have heavy hips and bum because they don’t seem to be able to stand on their own or lift themselves or stay put in the air!)

i) TRX hip abductor

Supersets of:

j) Ab crunches on fit ball

k) Atomic on fit ball (when it doesn’t roll away and to think Michael wanted me to do it with my knees straight)

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