Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TLC and weekend roundup

I was overdue for some TLC. These past couple of weeks have been tough, training wise. Add on to that the icky and uncertainty at work and the 2-weeks-ago “heist” (still not ready to talk about it) and you have the most difficult person to deal with, ever. Having race-free weekends helped but the super competitive me ended up ramping the mileage over the last two weekends a.k.a. LSDs and at my fastest pace to date. So the past weekend’s getaway, short as it maybe, was good; plus meeting up with Oceanos (not once but twice!!!) cleared things up a fair bit. Here is my bullet style firing:

• Oceanos and I had a chit chat over tea on Saturday when I hopped over to Central to collect my replacement mojo. We had tentatively scheduled a meet up when I get into town at the end of the month but he called me on Saturday night asking if we could meet up the following day instead. I had alarm bells ringing in my head when I heard that – now, it is something serious if Oceanos calls you impromptu. I trooped into Central on Sunday morning and let us just say, the session cleared up things and I now have a better (or deeper) understanding of what has happened and the key takeaways. The current target is to monitor the situation and let the mojo do its work. After the session, we had lunch at the same kopitiam and Oceanos was telling me about the money charm a client was supposed to collect from him that morning (she did not show up). Hmmm…interest piqued…should I get it? Though the more important issue is the negativity sitting in front of me. Mojo, mojo, mojo…please deflect this negativity.

• I had to reschedule my session with Diane to the end of the month given the “emergency” session with Oceanos. Yeah, in case you are wondering, I am that wonky that I do need that MANY therapists! LOL! We did try to move it to 7pm but the skies opened up and there was no way I could get out of the house without arriving at her place and still look presentable (a.k.a. not like a dripping mess).

• The run on Sunday was good – decent organization, weather – cloudy with a slight drizzle at km8-9, awesome medal design and fantastic swag. I came in just after the hour if you consider 42 seconds being “just after” and placed 43 (hey, this is Singapore where the gals are speedy Gonzales!). Only 2 cons but I’ll let you on about it in my race recap.

• Andy and I had a leisurely breakfast at Starbucks ECP yesterday and he was uber nice to give me a lift to the airport after that. We yakked and yakked about all things from cars to investments to cats. I am so blessed to have wonderful friends like Andy and Vinz.

• All in, the weekend gave me hope that there are plenty of people and things to be thankful about. PTL.

• Moving on to this morning’s workout – hey, I actually managed not to collapse! – back-and-chest combo with leg raises at the end:

Supersets of:

a) Hoist lat pull down

b) Plate weight bend over back row

Supersets of:

c) Hoist chest press

d) Plate weight decline chest press (I made Michael hold onto it as well lest I end up with a pancake face! So not happening.)

Supersets of:

e) LF cable low row

f) DB bend over row (25lbs is way too heavy for moi; what was Michael thinking off?!)

Supersets of:

g) BB incline chest press (I now know that it should be upward instead of forward because for rep no1 of set no 2, it nearly came crashing down)

h) Decline push-ups (another term learnt! This is what I used to call “raised leg push-ups)

Supersets of:

i) LF cable chest fly

j) LF cable pullover with iron bar

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