Thursday, April 7, 2011

Seputeh-Taman Desa Run – 7 April 2011

Distance: 9.22km (started the Garmin late – at the tunnel)

Timing: 51:07 min for 5:33 min/km pace

I woke up early for a round of Buteyko and 3 rounds of sun salutations before heading to Kenny’s place. My legs were still “blergh” but I knew they could a 10-ish km onslaught though this would be the last one until the weekend.

After the 4km loop at Seputeh, Kenny asked if I wanted to tackle a 10km or 12km route, the former being the usual 2km hill climb at Faber Heights/Faber Ria and the latter being the Desa Waterpark turnaround. With my quads being what they were, neither options were remotely “palatable”; in fact, I toyed with the idea of finishing 5km at the Hyundai showroom. In my mind. In my mind. I would never voice it out.

Guess which option I went with? 2km of hill climb! Uurrghh! It was not as bad as it sounds. Really. This is training and I do need the endurance training. Plus I have km9 of pure downhill…to roll myself down. LOL! We had the chance to talk during this portion and Kenny asked about the distance/timing between myself and the runner positioned just before me in races and I admitted that the last sections (e.g. 2kms) are usually the toughest for me. My legs would feel like lead and my mind would have been switched off. That will be something to work on as we go along this training cycle.

I could not have been happier when we turned into Lorong Seputeh and even happier to discover my average pace! This was one awesome pace, probably one of my fastest!

Wednesday evening + Thursday morning = feels like an LSD to me! The house being the Petronas pit stop! I will be spending the next 2 days refueling, refueling and refueling. Oh yeah, resting as well.

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