Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So looking forward to meeting Oceanos this weekend to get my mojo replacement. Let us hope for better luck and times this time around! I so need all luck, prayers, thoughts and positive vibes more than ever.

Baby steps – that is what I am doing to turn things around. I started with a chat with L just before lunch yesterday about how things are (or not); no promises on either side but it felt good to be able to “do” something. And do it “properly” – moving things up the chain of command lest anyone gets pissed off.

Workout this morning: 60 min Cybex elliptical cross trainer at an easy and 5 min cooldown on the treadmill.

Yeah, I missed a run this morning – Kenny had a late appointment and needed the rest. No issue for me and I headed to the gym instead. Let me tell you this…that 1 hour on the cross trainer was the longest HOUR of my life!!!

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