Monday, April 4, 2011


I was going to fire the salvo, bullet style (again…since I’m that lazy), on the past weekend; I even thought about the title but had a heart change while whiling or rather chipping away the slow-moving-time hand on the clock time on the elliptical this morning. This is way more important than what I did, eat or played with over the weekend! LOL!

We do not count our blessings as much (or even at all) as we lament the negativities in our lives. How many times have we said thank you when someone compliments us on e.g. our dress, hair, results etc? I tried to make it a point to do that instead of saying “oh, it’s an old dress”, “so-and-so did better” etc.

Today, I am going to put down 10 things or people that I am grateful for; in no particular order and these are just the first things that come to mind:

1. I am grateful for the most wonderful siblings and family.

2. I am grateful for training partners who put up with my rambles on top of slow pace on early mornings.

3. I am grateful for meeting Oceanus and for his wonderful gift of mojo.

4. I am grateful for Michael.

5. I am grateful for Richard.

6. I am grateful for Shilpa and discovering the joy of living in the moment and Buteyko.

7. I am grateful for the 2 guys who go out of the way when I invade during weekends (shhh…not saying anything; you guys can put your imagination and creativity skills to test!).

8. I am grateful for Diane, Margaret, Sitar and Chaye.

9. I am grateful for Sharon, PY and Shearley.

10. I am grateful for not having to work legs this morning! Not saying Michael last words “giant set” this morning is any comfort!

Workout: I missed my sun salutations this morning because I made the boo-boo mistake when re-setting the alarm last night. I may hammer out an evening moon salutation series when I get home but if you have been here long enough, you probably know the relationships I have with working out after hours.

Supersets of:

a) DB bench chest press

b) DB bendover back row

Supersets of:

c) Smith machine incline chest press

d) LF cable close grip lat pull down

Supersets of:

e) LF cable chest fly

f) LF cable seated low row (wide grip)

Supersets of:

g) LF cable skull crusher/French press with iron bar

h) Raised push-ups

Supersets of:

i) TRX atomic

j) Plank on fit ball

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