Thursday, April 14, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 13 April 2011


a) “Boss” Ronnie

b) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

c) Lai

d) Adam

e) KK Yum (6 laps with Vijay)

f) Vijay

Distance: 4 laps * 2.3km = 9.2km (Garmin: 9.15km)

Timing: 47:36 for 5:12 min/km pace

Laps 1 & 2

These two laps were junk miles since everyone was taking it easy: Ronnie did speed work the prior day; Kei Ming and I raced over the weekend; comeback runs for Lai and Adam. We were chit chatting most of the time and finished the first lap in 13:14 minutes and the second in 12:06 minutes

Lap 3

Since the guys had intended to run 3 laps, Ronnie and Kei Ming upped the pace and Lai and I kept up with them. With about 1-1.5km to go, the pace went up even further and the distance between the front-runners and me widened to about 200 meters. Seeing the guys upfront spurred Lai to charge ahead and he was probably about 50 meters ahead.

Lap 4

This was a solo run for me; absolute last minute decision – I felt good since we hung back for the previous laps. I passed Yuki just before the turn off at the bridge at the half way mark and KK and Vijay at the waterfall upslope.

All in, a very good outing. I was surprised when Lai shouted out 47 minutes; my guesstimate was at least 50-52 minutes given the initial junk miles. I must have speeded up a fair bit on the last two laps. Now my legs are shox – leg workout in the morning + tempo run in the evening and I forgot to put on the compression tights last night. Then again, that’s more for a psychological play.

Workout this morning:

a) Sun salutations A, B (warrior 2), hatha 1 (runner’s stretch)

b) 60 min Cybex elliptical cross trainer at an easy a super easy recovery mode.

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