Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. It has been a dreary start today and 100% of it is due to work. I am so looking forward to moving on from here. This post is coming in late because I was up to my neck with work this morning.

2. The KSO is on my laundry list for this weekend – it smells like cat litter!

3. I spotted on DC Rainmaker’s blog that Garmin has/will be launching the FR610. Oh wow! Now if only they make it affordable.

4. I have not been eating well during lunch this past week – blame it on work etc but really it is my own fault or choice if you like this word better. So where is that personal responsibility?

5. Functional Friday training with Michael:

Supersets of:

a) Kettle bell dead lift, clean-and-jerk

b) Resistance bank rear delt

c) TRX for hamstring

Supersets of:

d) DB incline chest press

e) DB incline chest fly

f) Push-ups on bar on Bosu (initial reps were explosive and was again, a disaster. You mean you expected otherwise???!!!)

Supersets of:

g) Chin-ups on True Stretch (the last set was an utter failure. Sigh.)

h) BB bend over row

i) Technogym cable lat pull down (still not managing to get this right – the right was pronounceably refusing to come down)

Supersets of:

j) Hoist tricep press down

k) Leg raises

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