Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring cleaning

Workout: 60 min Cybex elliptical cross trainer at easy pace and 5 min cool down on treadmill

Keeping it nice and easy after these past few weeks of toughies and Michael’s never ending brutal sessions.

I am thinking a session is due now that spring is here. Yeah right as if we are in a temperate country. I am just stringing along junk words here and just so coz they rhyme. Ok, enough of the blabbering. The clothes rack in the room is seriously in danger of collapsing if I do not do anything soon. And it’s mostly filled with clothes I can’t fit into as in if I do attempt to put them on, I would be drowned in cloth. This is all Buteyko’s fault I am telling you! I was not even overweight to begin with; in fact I was on the low side and the Buteyko has somewhat aggravated it. Luann’s girls have been and will again be the beneficiaries of my throwaways (if and when I get around to it). I rather or cannot add or update my wardrobe until them because there is simply zilch space to do so.

I also have to figure out what to do with the stacks of race vests in the closet. SW will probably take a few off me but that still leaves me with quite a sizeable amount. I wish organizers could have options allowing runners to decide if they want a vest; believe this is how it is approached in the US? I could ask Ronnie to put them on his site for sale but the last round’s sale yielded very little response.

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