Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seputeh-Taman Desa Run – 2 March 2011

Distance: 9.83km

Timing: 55:58 min for 5:42 min/km pace

Today’s run was “perfect” – the weather/temps and humidity were relatively mild (for this part of the world!) and I felt strong to the point of wanting to tag on more miles even after we finished. It must have been the 2 days of rest after Sunday’s NTUC Healthcare U Run 2011; last week’s run was a double (i.e. 9km in the previous evening followed by another 9km the next morning which probably explained the slower pace.

Instead of the conventional “run slow/take shorter strides going uphill and the reverse on flats and downhills”, Kenny decided to power up the slopes and asked me to follow suit. I tried! I really did! But he was just too good for me, especially in the initial 2-3km. I probably warmed up after this because I charged ahead as we left Seputeh and made our way to Old Klang Road and then the “dreaded” 2km long climb at Faber. Running felt so natural at this section and not once did I feel negative (recall the previous week’s experience!). After this stretch, it was downhill home run! I ran a tiny wee bit of a loop on Kenny street to make up the miles and to join him as he came back. Dare I hope the mojo is back?

We may cover more ground over the next few weeks since I do have a bit of time before heading into the office (after my shower at the gym, naturally). Kenny also suggested a long run on Saturday morning covering today’s loop twice but in reverse - faints (twice over!). I’m iffy about this since there’s an adiNation Breakfast Run the following morning – cover as much ground as you can in 2 hours; then again, this is not a race and I was planning to use it as a “chit chat” session with friends, so it might not make a huge difference whether I do 2km or 20!

This evening’s run is still up in the air since work is piling up (or rather my PC is so ancient that it’s taking bazillion minutes to process a simple task).

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